Robert Padovano
Some Thoughts on How I Paint

My approach involves a very deliberate use of impressionist methods. I rarely use only one flat color in any one section of a painting. What may seem like an area of grey will really contain strokes of three or four different colors combined to optically mix into the perceived hue. I find this technique really makes colors vibrant. Sometimes I will purposely obscure details in what will appear as thick slabs of paint up close but will the start to coalesce into an image as the viewer steps back.

I use acrylics almost exclusively. I vastly prefer them over oils for a whole list of reasons, but mostly for the fast drying time. This can either be a blessing or a curse depending om who you are and how you like to paint. I tend to develop my paintings quickly and will often want to apply certain colors over an already dry area so the bottom color can show through without being altered. This enables me to dry brush or glaze without having to wait forever for the layer beneath to dry. Being able to continue fairly quiclky betwwen these steps maintains my momentum and keeps my attention on the overall progress of the painting before I get bogged down on details.





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