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Sing for Hope Pop-Up Pianos

I was delighted once again to be selected as one of 50 artists chosen to create one of Sing for Hope's Pop Up Pianos to be placed around the city in public spaces.
Sing for Hope is a charity organization whose mission is to make the arts accesible to everyone. Their volunteers reach out to people, community organizations, healthcare facilities and schools to bring music and art to under resourced areas and to the public at large.

My design for 2015 took inspiration from the colors and patterns of butterfly wings. I combined the markings of two favorite species, The Buckeye, and The Painted Lady, in a semi abstract design which included rendering the piano's title in an art deco style as part of the overall design.

Painted Lady Piano
My 2015 Sing for Hope Piano on location in Tappen Park in Staten Island. Photo by Lauren Steussy.    
SI Advance media coverage    

Above: Media coverage locally by The Staten Island Advance. Below: With the family at Tappen Park.
Click to read the article on SI Live.

family shot    


This past summer from June 1st-15th, 88 artist-designed pianos were placed in parks and public spaces throughout NYC's 5 boroughs for anyone and everyone to play as part of the "Sing for Hope Pop-up Piano Project. The Sing for Hope Pianos are the world’s largest annual street piano installation.

This year I was happy to participate once again in this wonderful project.
It was a very satisfying experience to not only be given the opportunity to create a unique piece of art, but to also work side by side with so many talented artists, many who have become new friends. We all shared a great sense of comradery and a collective feeling of being involved in something truly special.

During the two week public installation, my piano was placed at Snug Harbor Cultural Center on Staten Island. Afterwards the project culminated with a fantastic closing celebration, in which all 88 pianos were placed around the plaza at Lincoln Center for a day long festival of music and art.

This year I was given a lovely grand piano to work on. My design depicts an art deco inspired illustration of my theme, Sing for Hope SONGBIRDS. The design is made up of flourishes and decorations that radiate outward to create stylized flowers which depict 4 different songbirds in each of the circular blossoms. These flourishes then continue over the sides of the piano in complementary colors creating a unified overall pattern that decorates the entire piano.

Sing for Hope Piano
My design for the 2013 Sing for Hope Pop-up Piano project.
Sing for Hope Piano
Painting the piano
With the top open. My wife and I at the piano studio.

This was the second time I created a piano for Sing for Hope. The first time was in 2011 after being contacted by an art curator at Snug Harbor Cultural Center who suggested I submit a proposal for the project.
The first design was done on a small upright in which I created an evening cityscape in a much more painterly style depicting the New York skyline at dusk.

SFH Piano 2011
SFH Piano 2011 at Astoria Park
My Sing for Hope Piano for 2011 in the studio and at Astoria Park in Queens.
The selection process for the project began with a proposal submitted to Sing for Hope that included a detailed description of the design along with a rendering of the envisioned idea. 88 artists (88 representing the number of keys on a piano) were selected among the hundreds of proposals submitted by artists throughout the country to participate in the project. With the help of corporate sponsorship by Chobani Yogurt, this years project was undertaken on a much bigger scale with special events and great publicity.

SFH Piano Rendering
My original redering of the 2013 paino I submitted with my proposal.
SI Advance article
Media coverage locally by The Staten Island Advance.
Click to read the article on SI Live.
family shot at Lincoln Center   With the family at Lincoln Center for the closing celebration.
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