Public Murals
Public Murals


The first large scale mural project that I have done, sponsored by New York Cares.This was a very rewarding project as the actual painting of the mural itself took place in one day with the help of over 30 volunteers. I had designed and sketched out the outlines of the shapes and then assigned numbers to the sections corresponding to the selected colors. That way all the volunteers needed to do was fill in these areas in a "paint-by-numbers" fashion which would make it easy and efficient for the many people working on it simultaneously.

PS 41 is an elementary school in the New Dorp section of Staten Island teaching young children from first through fifth grades. When deciding what to design, I knew the concept should be "kid-friendly" and appropriate for a public grade school. The butterfly theme seemed a perfect fit for this criteria as well as a way to incorporate a very bright and bold palette of colors that would really stand out. It also allowed me to create a flowing pattern using the silhouttes and shapes to tie the whole span together into a fun and colorful display.

Kudos to all the volunteers who showed such enthusiam and excitment on the day of painting. They showed real team work and helped make the entire project a great success!

PS 41 Mural shot 1

This shot shows the 140 foot span of the finished mural on the Locust Avenue side of the building.

  shot 4
A 140 foot long "canvas" to work on.
shot 3
Volunteers get down to work as they paint the burgundy colored backgound of the design around the butterfly shapes.
shot 5
The butterfly shapes start to take on their colors.


The Staten Island Arts "Culture Lounge" is a gallery/performance space located inside the St. George side of the Staten Island Ferry Terminal. It is also home of the offices for SI Arts, a non-profit arts organization. Opening in the summer of 2014, it provided a space for exhibits, performances, special events, and an artists market.

On the exterior of both sides of the entrance were two blank walls that I was asked to design and paint murals for in order to provide more visibilty and attention to the space as well as creating a work of art in its own right to represent SI Arts and the community.

I was asked if one side could represent the adjacent harbor and New York skyline, and the other representing the Staten Island side. I decided to create a semi abstract, art deco influenced illustration that contained elements of each location in a stylized stain glass window type design that would be very colorful and would really pop even from a distance.

Culture Lounge Mural

Above: Left and right finished mural panels. Below: Murals in progress.

working on Culture Lounge Mural    
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